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7 feathers of caster wheels

Sep 12, 2016

Caster wheel is collectively, including the activities and fixed wheel casters.

Caster Wheel

Installation height: the vertical distance from the ground to the installation positions. mounting height refers caster wheel and chassis remote largest vertical distance.

Steering bracket center distance: the horizontal center line perpendicular to the wheel core rivet distance from the center.

Turning radius: the horizontal center of the rivet vertical line to the outer edge of the tire from the appropriate spacing so that the casters can make a 360-degree turn. Turning radius reasonable or not directly affect the caster life.

With load: casters on the move, also known as dynamic load bearing capacity, dynamic load test in different ways because of caster plant and different, but also because the wheel material varies, the key is whether the structure and quality of the stent and can impact shocks.

Impact load: When the device is subjected to shock or vibration when the bearer of the moment caster load-bearing capacity. Static load static load static load static load: casters in the stationary state can withstand the weight. Generally static load should exercise load (movable bearing) five to six times the static load should be at least twice the impact load.

Steering: hard, narrow wheels than the soft, wide wheel easier to turn. Turning radius is an important parameter wheel rotation, the turning radius is too short will increase the difficulty of steering, the wheel will result in too much shaking and shortened life expectancy.

With flexibility: Impact casters with flexibility factors support the structure and steel stent selection, the size of the wheels, wheel type, bearings, wheels with the greater flexibility as possible, on a stable ground hard, narrow wheel side than the flat soft wheels and effort, but on uneven ground soft wheels and effort, but on uneven ground soft wheels to better protect the device and shock!

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