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7 Advantages of Polyurethane Wheels

Sep 26, 2016

Polyurethane when used to manufacture tires provides several key advantages like:

1. Resistant to sunlight, oxygen, ozone, and several other environmental factors.

2. Resistant to damage caused by abrasive chemicals.

3. Resistant to cuts and tears making it extremely durable.

4. In the same conditions as other materials, polyurethane wears at a slower rate making it more long lasting.

5. This material has higher tensile strength allowing it to carry heavier loads.

6. Since polyurethane is produced chemically, a number of variations are possible. The density and physical characteristics of the material can be modified according to the end use.

7. Polyurethane has excellent elastic memory. The flexibility offered by the material allows it to be used in several applications where plastic will fall short.

Because of all the reasons listed above, polyurethane has become the preferred material in industrial as well as commercial applications. Since polyurethane caster is more wear resistant, it is much more reliable compared to other materials.

The reliability of a product is extremely important in an application, especially when looking at wheels and tires. A malfunction with the tire or wheel would put the entire application at risk. Hence, choosing durable and reliable wheels and tires are extremely important when it's time to replace these products on the units they are used on.

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