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Small caster wheels can help self-propelling suitcase

Nov 07, 2016

Small caster wheels makes people's lives more convenient. Such as self-propelling.

small caster wheels

Meet the Cowarobot R1, a motorized carry-on that brings new meaning to the term “travel buddy.” Like man’s best friend, it follows you faithfully at arm's length wherever you go—no hands required—by tracking your movement through a wristband you can customize via smartphone app. It also doubles as a portable USB charger for your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to the suitcase's all-terrain retractable wheels, which work similar to aircraft landing gear. An inbound motor propels the suitcase forward, it has a follow rate of up to 4.5 mph and can climb slopes up to 15 degrees. Multiple sensors keep it from slamming into stuff or toppling down stairs. Plus, its built-in GPS not only helps you find it if it gets lost; it can also find you—rolling to you from across the room up to 164 feet away. Here, boy!

Once again, further proof that wheels make everything better. And we provide nylon caster wheels for you.

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