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How to select casters and wheels?(2)

Nov 19, 2016

I continue to share you how to select casters and wheels.

casters and wheels

3. Wheel Material: This is very important, generally PU, TPR, PP, rubber, nylon, as for the temperature, surface hardness, the ground environment.

4. Installation: generally available in light load screw, plunger, expansion sleeve, etc., with heavy-duty floor, or directly welded to the device. General large companies are very rich in the way of installation.

5. Brakes: from the functional point of view, there are brake wheels, there are universal brake brackets, both with the brake is a double brake, as well as tread brake, brake, side brake, etc., the specific contact casters factory.

6. Castor on the equipment layout. Layout is not the same, not only affect the cost of promoting the feeling is also greatly different!

7. Stent selection: divided into orientation and universal, the material is generally carbon steel, can be a variety of plating, such as galvanized, copper, nickel, chrome, spray, etc., but also useful stainless steel.

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