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The features of shock absorbing casters

Dec 13, 2016

Shock absorbing casters have been widely used in industrial production. Let us tell the features of shock absorbing casters.

shock absorbing casters

1. Sealing, dustproof and anti-wrapped performance. Anti - shock spring for shock absorber casters is completely dust-proof, which is suitable for different options and requirements.

2. Shock resistance. Shock absorbing casters are equipped with high-quality shock-resistant spring, using large orbital diameter beads. And the bottom plate, the upper and lower beads were heat treated, which can greatly enhance the hardness and toughness of the beads. So that beads can be more flexible, and greatly increasing the force Performance.

3. Resistance to high speed. Shock absorber casters adopt double tapered roller bearing, which greatly reduces the noise and provides a quiet production environment for the workshop.

4. Easy to start. Shock absorber casters with high-quality core package polyurethane wheels have a good toughness and wear resistance.

Our company, a shock absorber casters manufacturer, provides high-quality casters.

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