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What is a light duty caster?

Dec 26, 2016

Light heavy casters have major features, such as wear-resistant, low noise, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, rotation flexibility, accurate orbit rotation, carrying capacity, style fashion, practical features. In general, the load capacity of light casters during the 30-200 kg. Which stent takes 2-4 mm thick plate made of a stamping, suitable for long-distance transport.

Light casters can be used in hospitals, restaurants and other industries, with rotating smart, low-tonnage, no traces and other features. Castor stents are mostly sprayed, galvanized, chrome-plated solution, elegant corrosion resistance.Such as all iron caster.

light heavy caster

Light casters can take these device methods as followings: screw-type, flat, steering, directional a variety of device methods. Therefore, the light casters are mainly screw-type sports, flat-type fixed, flat-type sports and other series, optional different materials round, such as rubber wheel, nylon wheel, polyurethane wheels, wear resistance products, Low, erosion resistance, crashworthiness, turn smart, the track is correct, can carry strong, fashionable style, applicability characteristics.

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