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How to choose suitable caster and wheels?(1)

Jan 09, 2017

When determining the best caster for your project, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration. You can't pick the right caster unless you know how and where your product will be used once complete. In order to choose the most appropriate caster, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Stem Swivel Caster

1. What are the floor conditions of the space where the product will be rolled?

The floor conditions of your warehouse, office, home, etc. affect the rollability of your caster. Soft, carpeted areas require casters with a larger diameter while smooth floor surfaces are suitable for smaller casters, as these wheels can usually handle the same load as a larger caster in the same scenario. Smaller casters, however, can be harder to continuously roll compared to larger varieties. Overall caster category is another factor to consider as both hard tread and soft tread casters possess their own advantages and disadvantages regarding specific floor conditions. You need light caster wheel.

2. Are there any mounting limitations that need to be taken into consideration?

Depending on the aesthetics of the product, there may be restrictions regarding where casters can be placed. This means that both diameter and wheel type must be considered during the decision making phase. You’ll want to determine what the overall mounting height is as well as the size of the mounting surface area. Some casters require a top plate to be used, resulting in the need for extra surface space. If your product lacks a large potential mounting area, you should consider a caster that can be mounted via threaded steam. You need a stem swivel caster.

Next, I will continue to introduce the selection of casters.

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