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How to choose suitable caster and wheels?(2)

Jan 12, 2017

Today, I will continue to introduce the selection of casters.

caster and wheels

3. Who will be handling the cart?

Generally carts or other objects with casters attached are either manually pushed or towed. Ease of movement is essential for manual applications. As a result, the weight of the overall product must be identified. From there, you will be able to specify the appropriate wheel diameter and wheel type to ensure your product can easily be moved from one location to another. You need forklift caster.

4. What is the overall application for the product?

The application of your product will help you determine how discreet your casters must be. For instance, products that will be used in the medical field tend to require low profile casters that won’t disrupt patients or employees. This scenario might also hold true in some business settings, so it’s important to evaluate the environment in which your product will operate.

Overall, the key to seamlessly finding the perfect caster for your product lies in your ability to answer the above questions. Determining this information will help ensure that both your product and caster last for the expected amount of time.

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