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How to manufacture PU industrial caster?

Jan 20, 2017

So what does it take to ensure that the polyurethane components on industrial caster wheels are fabricated to rigorous standards? Three conditions must exist before the first drop of material is poured:

PU Industrial Caster

1. The right mold for the job – A high-quality steel mold is created, in-house, to ensure that the casted polyurethane parts are formed to spec – the first time, and every time – so that a perfect fit to the heavy-duty caster wheels is achieved.

The perfect climate — During the casting process, balancing temperatures of the mold, the industrial caster insert and the material is critical if a high-quality finish is to be achieved.

2. The right materials, at the right combination — Two liquid components, an isocyanate and a curative, are placed in heated holding tanks. They are brought up to the correct temperatures (approximately 180-250 degrees F), exact pressures and appropriate specific gravities, and constantly monitored and adjusted so that they are always at the perfect ratios for dispensing.

3. When it is time to fill the mold, the isocyanate and the curative are injected via separate valves into the mix chamber and mixed at high speed — 4500 revolutions per minute (RPM). This action ensures complete mixing of the two liquids, and also that the chemical reaction begins precisely as the mold is being filled with liquid polyurethane.

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