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How to find caster wheel quick and exactly?

Feb 13, 2017

Many people don't know how to find their caster wheels, as they are not professional in industrial caster. They may absolutely don't clearly name of the caster wheel, Here we some suggestions may help you find your casters more quick and exactly.

forklift casters

1. Try to find our what's industry the caster wheel used on.

2. Confirm The size of caster wheel that you needed.

3. Find out the device its-self weight and loading weight. So get load weight of each caster wheel.

4. Get know which type do you need; Rigid caster wheel, or Swivel caster wheel.

5. Have a Idea of mounting style that you need, like thread stem, plate, bolt hole, or round stem etc...

6. Where you want purchase the caster wheel. For example China Caster wheel manufacturer.

Try to find out & Input above factors into search engine. I believe you can find your caster wheel more easy. By the way, I will tell you that we export forklift caster for many years.

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