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Why do we choose nylon caster wheel?

Feb 16, 2017

Most of time in order to improve nylon caster wheels loading capacity & wear resistance function; we mix some spun glass into the raw materials. So make sure nylon or PA6 caster wheel, reach our expecting hardness and wear-proof grade, So ensure the nylon wheels can fulfill their job much better and have longer life-time understand common temperature conditions.

heavy duty nylon caster

We know every coin has its two sides, when the nylon caster under low temperature (-20~-40 centi-degree) The wheel will becoming fragile & easy crack. How to solve this problem? We can mix some flexibilizer in raw materials. So that the nylon wheel can work well under low temperature & not easy to crack.

We export nylon caster for many years, you can send your inquiry to yutong-zhao@ytcaster.com.

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