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How to choose caster wheels bearings?

Feb 25, 2017

1 Teerling Bearings

Patel Spirit is the DuPont engineering plastics, suitable for cold hot, dry, wet and corrosive harsh environments and durable.

2 Needle roller bearings

Compare Ball bearing with respect to the same specifications, it can carry heavier loads.Usually used as heavy duty caster bearing,Industrial caster bearing

3 Fully sealed precision ball bearing

Pressure mounted on the wheel in pairs within applications that require flexible rotation and serenity of the occasion,can be used as medical caster bearing, and hospital furniture caster wheels

4 Integrated precision ball bearing

Precision-machined products for high load, low noise and rotational flexibility of the occasion, Suit for heavy load caster and need low noise.

heavy duty caster

Choose correct bearing can help you find balance point between caster purchase cost and casters function selection.

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