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3 steps to maintain damping industrial casters

Mar 03, 2017

Damping industrial casters choice excellent shock resistance spring, It's good turning and mechanical performance can avoid damage when wheels work on uneven ground wheels, however this can only reduce the damage of industrial casters. While industrial casters wear can not be avoided, in order to improve the service life of industrial casters, you only pay attention to the maintenance of industrial casters in everyday use.

Industrial Caster

1. periodic lubrication each component of industrial casters, Reduce damping and friction loss due to reduced service life of industrial casters ,improving the damping effect of industrial casters use .

2. When maintenance industrial shock absorb casters pay attention to whether brackets and fasteners operation properly,guarantee industrial casters does not affect the flexibility and shock stability, to ensure that their work normally.

3. Check the condition of elastic damping suitability of industrial casters ,clear the industrial casters retrained debris, so that the damping industrial casters to normal operation.

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