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Caster Technology you need know

Mar 06, 2017

When looking at the ergonomic performance of an industrial caster, there are typically two main areas that have the most impact:

push/pull forces, which is the force needed to start and continue moving a cart; and

swivelling force, which is the force needed to swivel out a caster to move in a new direction.

To have an ergonomically sound caster, these forces need to be reduced so the user can move the material handling cart more easily. With easier movement of the cart, risk of injury to the user is reduced.

Industrial Caster

Caster Swivelling Force

Swivelling force refers to the force required to swivel the wheel. Swivelling force is highest when moving the caster wheels from a direction 90 degrees from their current position. Since this is the highest force, by reducing it, the overall ergonomic performance of the caster will increase significantly.

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