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Bearings play an important role in industrial caster wheel

Mar 24, 2017

The bearings in the wheels and swivel section are also important aspects to consider when designing an industrial caster for a high temperature application. Besides changing out the lubricant, different bearing materials, such as ceramics, can be used. For example, most standard ball bearings are rated for applications below 300° F, while a bronze sleeve bearing can operate in temperatures ranging from 600° – 700° F but decreases roll-ability of the caster.

PU Tire Caster

While wheel material, lubrication, and bearings may be large factors in determining the success of an industrial caster in elevated temperature applications, other factors must be considered as well such as the material the caster is manufactured out of. If these factors are taken into account when designing a caster for high temperature applications, the probability for success is greatly increased.

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