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5 types of nylon scaffolding caster

Jun 08, 2017

Scaffold tower provide people a safety aloft work condition. Most of time we need move heavy weight scaffolding tower when people change the working place. So install scaffolding caster wheels is very necessary.

Due to different design of scaffold tower,we introduce below difference mount type nylon scaffolding castors.

Nylon Scaffolding Caster

1. Locking scaffolding casters with snap lock pin---Fix the wheels on the tower pipe.

2. Adjustable jack scaffold casters --- self lock spring pin design on the stem enable lock wheels on the tower pipe fix hole position easy to use.

3. Leveling adjustable jack scaffold casters--- adjustable leveling leg allow scaffold tower can work on uneven ground. Meanwhile adjustment nut help fix wheels on scaffolding foot pipe.

4. Scaffold caster wheels with hollow stem----This design allow scaffold pipe insert into the scaffold wheels stem and Lock with snap lock pin.

5. Regular swivel plate heavy duty casters with adjustable leg.

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