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How to choose caster wheels with brake?

Jun 15, 2017

In general caster brakes can be divided into three types, side brake, double brake it is often said that the full brake, and central lock. We also call the casters shock absorber caster. The caster brake from the material can be divided into sub-plastic brakes and metal brake, in fact no matter what kind of material brake function has not changed, and that is to stop caster wheel running.

shock absorbing caster

Side brake: Install on the wheel surface or wheels sleeve, with hand or foot-operated devices. After press brake pedal, the wheels can not rotate, but can turn direction.

Double brake: Can lock both of wheels move, and caster swivel.

Central lock: Centralize locking system in one lock stem. Operate lock system through hexagon keys.

Use casters brought us convenience when moving subject. And using caster brakes is improve the user experience, so that we can control casters better. So we try to according to their actual needs to choose different types of casters and caster brakes in time of purchase, in order to achieve the user experience maximizing meanwhile save cost.

Our company provide high quality PU shock absorbing caster many years, if you like, plz consult us freely.

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