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Design cart you need know

Jun 29, 2017

As you consider these options for your cart design, keep in mind the following.

cart wheels

  1. Wheel manufacturers offering removable caster wheels will show you how well their wheels discharge static electricity. Just keep in mind that over time, floor wax and dirt will to build on the caster, which may reduce its effectiveness for ESD management.
  2. Drag chains are also an option for controlling ESD, but they too can pick up dirt and floor wax. In addition, drag chains tend to be noisy and sometimes get twisted up, which causes them to lose grounding connectivity.
  3. Conductive rubber straps do not make noise, but this option can build up dirt, floor wax and floor cleaner, too.

Our company is a stem swivel caster manufacturer, we can provide high quality caster and wheels for you.

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