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The size of your industrial casters

Jul 10, 2017

Here I will introduce the size of industrial caster wheels.

industrial caster wheel


The larger the diameter, the easier it is to push or move your object, especially from a standstill. So before you place an order, make sure to measure the diameter of the caster you’re replacing. If that’s not an option, then keep in mind your application. A larger caster will be easier to move, but you don’t want to go so large that your load is too high or the center of gravity is off.

To measure the diameter of your caster, lay it on its side and measure from edge to edge across the center of the wheel.


In most cases, the width of industrial casters impacts its capacity, so the wider the caster, the more weight it can bear. If you are moving machinery or other heavy load, you will want to consider a wider caster. If you load is light, for example a work cart, you can likely select a more narrow caster.

To measure the width of your caster, stand it up and measure from the edge of the wheel to the edge of the wheel (not crossing over the center of the entire caster).

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