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Why do we choose rubber caster with brake?

Aug 17, 2017

There are many rubber casters with brake in our daily life. Here I will tell you the reason.

rubber caster

Rubber has some unique properties that make it an excellent choice for caster wheels where resiliency and flexibility are desired. Rubber caster wheels are normally used in light duty applications, operate with minimal noise and are non-marking when used appropriately. Rubber caster wheels also absorb shock with ease, resist most chemicals, and are praised for their easy rolling over unexpected obstacles, like cords, cables, and bumps.

To effectively move heavier loads on wood floors, your casters can use a wheel that has a rubber tread and a cast iron core. Boasting all of the benefits of a solid rubber wheel, rubber on iron caster wheels have a metal core that provides additional strength, durability and impact resistance.

Rubber caster wheels are typically approved to handle operating temperatures between -20°F and 160°F. Solid rubber caster wheels normally come with a ball bearing, but rubber on iron caster wheels have a number of bearing options, including roller bearings, Delrin bearings, and sealed precision ball bearings.

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