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Historical Development of Casters

Dec 07, 2018

Everyone knows that casters which come from Caster Wheel Manufacturer are evolved from wheels. After the wheels appeared, the handling and movement of the objects was much easier. But the wheels can only run in a straight line. It is still difficult to change the direction when carrying a large object. Later, there are wheels with a steering structure, which is now called casters and universal wheels.

Caster Wheel Manufacturer

The appearance of casters which come from Caster Brake Manufacturer brings an epoch-making revolution to the handling and movement of objects, achieving the perfect combination of easy handling and arbitrary moving directions, greatly improving production efficiency.

In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, more and more equipment needs to be moved, and casters are becoming more and more widely used all over the world, and almost all industries are inseparable from it.

In modern times, with the continuous development of technology, more demands have been placed on the high utilization rate of equipment, and casters have become indispensable parts. Today, casters have become a special industry that tends to be specialized.

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