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Standard For Mobile Scaffold Use

Aug 24, 2018

Mobile scaffold refers to various supports constructed at the construction site for the operation of workers and for the solution of vertical and horizontal transportation. Scaffolding materials are usually: Scaffolding Caster Wheels, bamboo, wood, steel pipe, and so on. Standard for mobile scaffold use:

1. The area of the operation platform, and should not be more than 10 ㎡, height should not be more than 5000 mm.

2. The joint of the wheel and the platform of the mobile operating platform shall be firm and reliable, the bottom end of the column shall not exceed 80mm from the ground, and the wheel shall be reliable in braking when the platform is working.

3. The operation platform, can use Φ 48.3 x 3.6 mm steel pipe with fastener connection, also can use the door frame or socket type steel pipe scaffold for assembly. The secondary beam spacing of the platform is no more than 800mm, and the table is covered with the foot pallet.

4. Set up protective railings around the operating platform according to the adjacent operating requirements, and arrange elevating escalators.

5. When the working state of the mobile platform is used, it shall be set with a cast and fixed around.

6. The weight limit and acceptance mark shall be hung on the mobile platform.

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