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Performance Test of Casters Before Leaving the Factory

Mar 01, 2019

Casters are widely used in various fields. In order to ensure that the casters such as Plastic Caster Side Brake can have high quality and safe operation, each qualified caster will be tested before delivery. Please follow us to find out about the manufacturer such as the China Plastic Caster Manufacturer. How to test the performance of the casters.

(1) Impact test

The casters are vertically inverted and mounted on the ground test platform, so that the weight of the mass of 5KG (±2%) is 200mm from the height, and the position of the deviation of ±3mm is allowed to fall freely to the side of the impact caster. If it is two wheels, then two The wheel should be impacted at the same time. No part of the caster is allowed to separate during the entire experiment and the casters are rolled after the experiment is completed. The pivoting or braking function should not be impaired.

(2) Resistance performance test

 When testing this performance, the casters should be kept dry and clean. Place the casters on a metal plate insulated from the ground, keeping the wheel edges in contact with the metal plates and loading the casters at 5% to 10% of their nominal load. The resistance value between the caster and the metal plate was measured with an insulation resistance value tester (nominal open circuit voltage of 500 V, measured resistance value fluctuation within 10% and loss on the product not exceeding 3 W). For electrically conductive casters, the resistance value is not greater than 104 ohms, and the resistance of the antistatic casters should be between 105 ohms and 107 ohms.

(3) Static load test

  The steady operation of the casters on the ground is a purely theoretical state. The test procedure of caster static load is to fix the caster to the horizontally smooth steel test platform, apply 800N force along the center of gravity of the caster to maintain 24H, check the caster condition after removing 24H, and measure the caster after the experiment. The amount of deformation does not exceed 3% of the diameter of the wheel and the rolling of the caster after the completion of the experiment, the rotation around the shaft or the braking function is not damaged.

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