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What Do You Know About Shock Absorber Casters?

Sep 29, 2018

Casters such as Single Spring Shock Absorbing Caster of a wide variety of single-wheel, in size, model, tire surface, and other differences. Select the appropriate wheels based on the following conditions:

A site environment.

The deadweight of product B

C working environment contains chemicals, blood, grease, motor oil, salt and other substances.

D/requirements for various special climates, such as humidity, high temperature or cold E.

And shock absorber casters, mainly used in the automobile industry, generally required casters have good rotational performance and mechanical performance. The structure design of the shock absorber wheel is reasonable and excellent shock resistant spring is selected to avoid the damage caused by vibration when the wheel is working on the concave and convex ground. The wheels are sealed and anti-winding, which is very good for dustproof and anti-winding.

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Single Spring Shock Absorbing Caster

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