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Did The Caster Break Quickly? Do You Have The Right Service?

Oct 27, 2018

In order to reduce the intensity of labor and improve the efficiency of work, casters such as Heavy Duty Caster Wheels have been regarded as the necessity of industrial supporting. But use time is long, castor is bound to have some damage. Facing such a situation, how to repair and maintain industrial casters?

Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Today, we will talk about the overhaul of the caster such as Fixed Nylon Caster and related knowledge.

Check wheel wear. The poor rotation of the wheel is related to fine lines, ropes and other sundries. The anti-wrapping cover can effectively block the entanglement of these sundries.

Loose or tight casters such as Plastic Industrial Caster are another factor, replacing broken wheels to avoid unstable turns. After inspecting and replacing the wheels, be sure to tighten the axle with lock washers and nuts. Because wheel shaft looseness will cause wheel width and bracket friction and get stuck, it should be noted that replacement wheels and bearings are always available, so as to avoid production loss.

Add lubricant regularly, and the wheels and movable bearings can be used normally for a long time. Apply grease to the friction part of the wheel shaft, seal ring and roller bearing to reduce friction and make rotation more flexible.

Lubrication is normally done every six months. The car should be lubricated after a monthly cleaning.

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