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Choose The Castor According To The Environment

Oct 08, 2018

The best casters won't last long if not properly maintained, but choosing different casters according to different environments can effectively extend their service life. As a Caster Wheel Manufacturer with many years of experience, we remind you what kind of casters to use and what materials to choose. Here are some features and applications of various casters:

Heavy Duty Nylon Caster

1. The pneumatic wheel is the most widely used general castor. It is elastic and can absorb the impact caused by uneven pavement. Due to the anti-elasticity of the inflatable wheel, it can keep close to the ground, so it can move objects easily and stably. Recently, the inflatable wheel has gradually become the mainstream, industry, transportation and furniture have been widely used.

2. Foaming wheel this is a newly developed castor made of special formula of foaming plastics. The foam wheel is elastic and resistant to organic solution, strong acid and weak alkali corrosion. The foaming wheel made of foamed plastics has the characteristics of light weight, material saving, heat insulation and sound insulation, as well as the ability to absorb impact load due to the presence of air bubbles. In particular, it can save materials, reduce energy consumption and reduce cost. Therefore, it is a hot product of the next generation that can be widely used.

3. Rubber wheel has good abrasion resistance and oil resistance. Due to this characteristic of rubber wheels, they are generally used in places where there is oil on the ground and the wheels wear better than other products.

Of crouse, there are also other caster such as Heavy Duty Nylon Caster features and applications.

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