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How Does Castor Determine Its Quality

Nov 02, 2018

How does castor such as light caster wheel determine its quality? You can see the fllowing:
1. Reciprocating wear test: Reciprocating wear test of casters simulates the actual rolling situation of casters in daily use.
2. Measurement of rolling resistance and rotating resistance: When the caster such as Industrial Caster  Side Brake Moves or wants to control its driving direction, the force must be transmitted to the caster through the object and overcome certain resistance. The resistance depends on the load, the diameter of the wheel, the material of the wheel, the shape of the wheel surface, the situation of the site where the caster rotates, etc.
3. Resistance performance test: When testing this performance, the casters should be kept dry and clean. Place the casters on a metal plate insulated from the ground, keep the rims in contact with the metal plates, and load the nominal loads on the casters such as Nylon Light Duty Caster from 5% to 10%. The resistance between the caster and the metal plate is measured by an insulating resistance value tester (nominal open circuit voltage is 500 V, the measured resistance value fluctuates within 10% and the loss on the product does not exceed 3W). For conductive casters, the resistance value is not more than 104 Euros, while the resistance of antistatic casters should be between 105 Euros and 107 Euros.

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