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The Production of Casters Should Pay More Attention to Quality

Nov 18, 2018

With the advancement of industrial construction, the quality requirements of products in the caster such as Industrial Caster Wheel application market have become more stringent. Industry experts pointed out that in the face of high market requirements, caster manufacturers should actively adjust the product structure, strengthen the quality concept in product design, production and manufacturing, and adhere to the "quality first" business policy.
There is an interaction between the quality and cost of the caster products such as Fixed Industrial Caster. In general, high-quality heavy-duty casters are built on a high cost basis, cost is a prerequisite, and quality is the result. But sometimes the high cost of the company is caused by poor product quality. First, the cost of waste and the cost of repair in the production process should increase the cost of the product. Second, the quality of the products that accompany the inferior quality is unstable, which increases the cost of maintenance services after the products are sold. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the concept of improving quality and reducing costs.

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