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What Types of Cast Iron Casters Are There?

Feb 25, 2019

Due to the high bearing capacity of cast iron casters such as the Iron Caster Side Brake in practical applications, it has also been loved by many users. Due to the high hardness of the cast iron casters themselves such as Iron Caster With Brake, the environmental requirements and damage are relatively high, so they cannot be widely used. This is a fatal defect of cast iron casters. The cast iron wheel is also called the cast iron wheel. The main components of iron are not difficult to understand. Although the main component is iron, we divide the cast iron casters into the following two types according to the needs of different user groups:

According to chemical composition:

(1) Alloy cast iron wheels: High-quality cast iron made of alloying elements is added to ordinary cast iron to improve certain special properties. Such as the special properties of various corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, wear-resistant cast iron.

(2) Ordinary cast iron wheels: It means that the cast iron does not contain any alloying elements, such as gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, ductile cast iron, etc.

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