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How to Select Casters For Medical Devices

Oct 26, 2018

If proper casters are to be selected for medical devices, there is no doubt that medical casters from the Medical Casters Factory can be used as the first choice. The differences between medical and non-medical casters are mainly applicable to common cleaning and disinfectant, safer, higher reliability, lower rotation and rotation resistance, etc. Different subdivisions may also have their own standards, such as ANSI ICWM: 2012 and EN12531, which will not be described here. However, this does not mean that other types of casters can not be used on medical devices. In fact, the manufacturer's own classification is not absolute, and the medical and non-medical boundaries are not black or white. Sometimes it is just done/not certified, and the classification will be adjusted at any time. Designers often strike a balance between safety, clinical requirements, actual use and price, and non-medical casters can be used on medical devices as long as they meet relevant standards and requirements.

The selection of casters such as Shock Absorbing Caster should also consider the use environment. The use environment of general medical equipment is not as bad as that of industry, because the hospital itself has certain requirements on temperature, humidity, cleanliness and so on. But if you expect to work in a special environment, such as high temperature, high humidity, or low temperature, select the appropriate caster according to the caster manufacturer's specifications.

Medical Casters Factory

In short, a castor such as Scaffolding Casters that is safe, meets standards and requirements, and is at the right price!

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