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What Do You Know About Nylon Scaffolding Cast?

Jul 10, 2018

In the supply market, we always see the Nylon Scaffolding Caster provided by different Shock Absorbing Caster Factory. Do you really know anything about it before you choose which one to buy?

First, castor is a general designation, including activities for castor castor and fixed caster types, actually there are many different methods of division, such as whether to industry, material quality, performance, application, and so on.

From the material, it can be divided into super artificial rubber foot wheel, polyurethane foot wheel, plastic foot wheel, nylon foot wheel, steel foot wheel, high temperature resistant foot wheel, rubber foot wheel, S type artificial foot wheel, etc.

In terms of application, it is mainly divided into trolley wheel, Scaffold Caster Wheel, workshop truck wheel, etc.

As the name implies, the nylon handstand foot wheel is used to move the nylon material on the scaffold. Now you know it?

Nylon Scaffolding Caster

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