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Safety Measures For Moving Scaffolding

Sep 20, 2018

Mobile scaffold refers which are composed of Scaffolding Caster Wheels refers to various supports constructed at the construction site for the operation of workers and for the solution of vertical and horizontal transportation. It has the characteristics of simple assembling and disassembly, good bearing performance, safe and reliable use, etc., and it develops rapidly. Among all kinds of new types of scaffolds, mobile scaffold is the earliest developed and the most used.

Scaffolding Caster Wheels

Safety measures for mobile scaffolding erection:

1. When scaffold is moving, it must be at a certain distance from the edge, and be watched by special personnel;

2. It is prohibited to start up the acceleration suddenly while moving, and it must proceed steadily and slowly.

3. Regularly check the scaffolding, find problems and hidden dangers, and timely repair and reinforce before construction, so as to achieve firmness and stability and ensure construction safety.

4. The scaffold is strictly prohibited from mixing steel bamboo and steel wood, and the use of fasteners, ropes, wires, bamboo strips and plastic strips is prohibited

5. The scaffold erection personnel must hold a certificate to be on duty, and use safety helmet, safety belt and anti-skid shoes correctly

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