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What Are the Casters' Fittings For?

Sep 16, 2018

Casters such as Scaffold Caster Wheel accessories and their functions:

Shock Absorber Caster

1. Support frame: the device under the means of transport, which can be fixed in a certain position. Other items include steering arms, levers, rubber bumpers, anti - loose MATS, and other parts with a specific purpose.
2. Seal ring: prevent dust from steering bearing or single wheel bearing, maintain its lubrication and facilitate rotation.
3. Anti-wrap cover: to prevent the wheel shaft and bracket from being entangled with other sundries. Allow the wheel to turn freely.
4. Single wheel brake: a hand-operated brake device mounted on the wheel sleeve or tire surface.
5. Full brake: the brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheels.
6. Steering lock: lock the movable castor such as Shock Absorber Caster to the fixed castor by locking the spring bolt to the steering bearing (four or two locks).
The above six types of casters are made up of accessories. Of course, each manufacturer may have a little difference with different improvements, but this does not affect our understanding of them. We are Caster Manufacturer. If you are interested in casters, please visit our website for more detailed information!

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