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How to choose the suitable casters

Mar 22, 2018

Casters are various like Industrial Caster. Different casters have different functions.PU Scaffolding Caster often used in trolley.Do you know how to choose the suitable casters.The following i have some tips

1. Usually choose a suitable PU Scaffold Caster Wheel. First we should consider the weight of the PU Scaffolding Caster, which is a suitable selection for the thin steel plate

2. In some places such as factories and warehouses, where cargo is frequently transported and the load is heavy, it is suitable to use a double-row ball-bearing wheel carrier that is hot-forged and welded by a thick steel plate (5-6 mm).

3. If it is used for handling heavy objects such as textile factories, automobile factories, machinery factories and other places.In this conditon,we should choose to use thick steel plate (8-12mm) cutting after welding the wheel carrier

PU Scaffolding Caster

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