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How to distinguish castor quality?

Mar 27, 2019

With the castor, such as Heavy Duty Caster ,each enterprise production of materials are not the same, the price is not the same, there are low and high, low price has a bottom reason, high price has a high reason, can not be compared. Now the network is very developed, get online check, slightly know about product price, whether new or old pro, if will be castor price positioning is very clear, the factory can't quote high price to the customer, the price quote is too high, single pick up not down, the price is too low, the customer doubt your castor quality has a problem.

Now the network is more developed, as long as the Internet can know caster price. If he gives you a price lower than the prevailing price in the market, then how does he make money, how does he pay his employees, how does he survive? Of course, everyone wants to be able to buy the best thing at the lowest price, so how to judge the quality of casters?

                      Heavy Duty Caster

How to tell the quality of casters from China Caster Manufacturer?

1. In terms of the appearance of the casters' supports, the surface of the casters' steel plate supports is beautiful without burrs, and the thickness must be uniform, thus ensuring the quality of the load;

2. Galvanized castor bracket: in order to prevent rust, galvanized technology is generally used to check whether the galvanized castor bracket should be even and shiny;

3. Welding of castor bracket: the welding of steel plate should be smooth, without leakage welding, leakage point, etc.;

4. Dimensions of common casters;

5. Check the appearance of casters: smooth surface, no damage, uniform color, no obvious color difference;

6. Check the overall effect of universal wheel: when the roof rotates, each steel ball should be able to contact with the steel plate runner surface, the force should be uniform, the rotation should be flexible, no obvious stop phenomenon;

7. Check the bearing quality of casters: there should be no obvious jumping phenomenon when the casters rotate;

No matter which China Caster Manufacturer you choose, first you have to understand the material and some basic knowledge, so that you can choose the best product at the most affordable price; Of course, not the price of low casters on the poor, high quality casters on the good; The most important is to choose suitable for their casters, and then choose the most affordable price, casters of good quality products.

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