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Factors Affecting the Flexibility of Heavy Duty Caster

Jan 25, 2019

Heavy, narrow wheels for Heavy Duty Caster are easier to turn than soft, wide wheels. Heavy-duty casters have load-bearing capacity when moving, also called dynamic load. The weight of a heavy-duty caster that can withstand in a static state. The static load should generally be 5 to 6 times the exercise load (dynamic load), and the static load should be at least twice the impact load. The dynamic load of heavy-duty casters from the Heavy Duty Wheel Manufacturer varies depending on the standards implemented and the way the factory is tested. It also varies depending on the materials selected for heavy duty casters. The key is whether the structure and quality of the bracket can resist shock and vibration. The radius of rotation is an important parameter for the rotation of heavy-duty casters. Too short a radius will increase the difficulty of steering. If it is too large, it will cause heavy-duty casters to sway and shorten the life.

Heavy Duty Caster

Factors affecting the flexibility of heavy-duty casters from the Heavy Duty Casters With Brake Factory include the structure of the bracket and the choice of bracket steel, the size of heavy-duty casters, the type of heavy-duty casters, and the bearings of heavy-duty casters. The heavier the heavier casters, the better the driving flexibility. On a smooth ground, hard, narrow and heavy casters are less laborious than heavy-duty casters with flat edges. But on uneven ground, soft heavy-duty casters save effort. But on uneven ground, soft heavy weight can better protect equipment and shock absorbers.

Heavy Duty Wheel Manufacturer

From the moment of material selection, the products have been divided, and the selection of each inch of AAA casters is for you. It is not only the best and the most suitable AAA casters. In the new market situation, casters should change their preemption. The situation in the low-end market, looking at the high-end market, buying casters, or Daxing casters is good.

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