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Factors Affecting The Running Flexibility Of Heavy Casters

Feb 13, 2019

Heavy casters such as the Heavy Duty Iron Caster are easier to steer on hard, narrow wheels than on soft, wide wheels. The ability of heavy casters to carry loads while moving, also known as dynamic loads.

The factors that affect the running flexibility of Heavy Duty Cart Wheels are: the structure of the bracket and the selection of steel for the bracket, the size of the heavy casters, the type of the heavy casters, the bearing of the heavy casters, etc. The greater the flexibility of the heavy casters such as the Heavy Duty Caster Wheels With Brake, the better. On the smooth ground, the rigid and narrow heavy casters save more energy than the flat soft heavy casters. But on uneven ground, soft heavy casters save effort. But on uneven ground, the soft heavy duty provides better protection and shock absorbers.

Heavy Duty Iron Caster

At the moment of material selection, the product has been divided into high and low. The selection of every inch material of AA castor is for your consideration, not only the best but also the most suitable. In the new market situation, the caster enterprises should change the situation of seizing the low-end market, look at the high-end market, buy the caster, or AA caster is good.

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