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How To Choose The China Shock Absorber Caster?

May 08, 2018

1, bearing weight of China shock absorber caster: choose the right bearing. The greater the load-bearing capacity, the greater the required bearing capacity of the wheel core and the bracket.

2, choose the wheel size: the larger the general caster diameter, the more effort to promote, the more obstacles the better.

3, wheel material: This is very important, generally PU, TPR, PP, rubber, nylon, etc., like PU caster side brake. how to choose the material is mainly used for temperature, surface hardness, the ground environment.

In fact, a hard tread is more suitable for walking on a soft and smooth floor, while a soft tread is more likely to roll on a hard floor or outdoors, but when selecting a wheel type, all special ground conditions need to be fully analyzed. Tracks, sinks, doorways, steps, elevator entrances, crevices, steel decks, etc. The bigger and softer the wheel, the easier it is to roll on a rail or similar surface.

PU Caster Side Brake

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