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Why Is There a High Demand For Industrial Casters

Mar 13, 2019

Industrial Casters have relatively high requirements, and in the use, often have to play a great bearing capacity, especially some high-precision products in the mobile and loading and unloading, often have to reach a certain buffer, only in this way, can meet the requirements in use.

And this time, castor from Industrial Caster Factory would require certain bearing capacity at the same time, also want to the requirement of the wheel is a big, but in general, there are some wheels are rubber, it is in use, often show the phenomenon of insufficient bearing, and some iron wheels, although can have very good bearing quality, but often cannot show a good buffer.

If electrical appliances are, if it can't do that, will finally because of the vibration affected by mobile products, and this time, often to the requirement of castor above also is to use a special kind of wheel material, is nylon, because it not only can have very good bearing quality, at the same time also can have very good buffer, frictional resistance at the same time is also very good.

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