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Rubber Caster Definitely Integrates And Actively Develops Comprehensive Superior Resources

Apr 03, 2019

Rubber Caster Definitely Integrates And Actively Develops Comprehensive Superior Resources

In terms of power projects, Rubber Caster universal wheel actively carried out exchanges and consultations on production costs with relevant Chinese counterparts in the field of nuclear power, promoted cooperation on key projects, and promoted international cooperation on wind power and photovoltaic power generation capacity and equipment manufacturing. Actively carry out overseas power grid project investment, construction and operation, drive the export of power transmission and transformation equipment.

                                             China Caster Wheel Manufacturer

In terms of aviation equipment, the opinions proposed to strengthen foreign cooperation and promote the export of aerospace equipment. We will vigorously develop conference services in the aviation market in developing countries, and explore the establishment of joint venture aviation operation enterprises in China with better conditions in Asia and Africa. To speed up aviation cooperation with China to promote the export of domestic aircraft; Actively explore the aviation market in developed China and promote the export of general aircraft.

China Caster Wheel Manufacturer thinks in terms of machinery and equipment, the opinions explicitly integrate superior resources to promote the construction machinery and other wear-resistant rubber universal wheel manufacturing enterprises to improve the global business network; We will intensify market development in manufacturing enterprises of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, petroleum equipment and machine tools, actively carry out financial leasing and other businesses, and expand exports in combination with the implementation of major overseas construction projects. We will encourage enterprises to invest and build factories in China where conditions permit, improve the network of operations and maintenance services, and improve their overall competitiveness.

In the field of automotive supervision mechanism, the opinions pointed out that in China, where the market has great potential and the wear-resistant rubber universal wheel industry is strong, the establishment of automobile production plants and assembly plants, the establishment of local distribution network and maintenance center, drive the export resources and reserves of self-owned brands of automobiles and parts, and enhance the brand influence. We will encourage auto companies to set up auto technology and engineering research and development centers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and cooperate with foreign companies with strong technological strength to improve the research and development and manufacturing technology of their own brands.

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