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Shock Absorber Caster Performance

Aug 09, 2018

Damping performance of Shock Absorber Caster:

1.The structure of the damping wheel is reasonable. The excellent impact-resistant anti-vibration spring is used to prevent the wheel from being damaged by vibration when working on the uneven ground.

2.The large track diameter bead plate is adopted, and the bottom plate and the upper and lower bead plates are subjected to carbonitriding heat treatment, which can greatly improve the rigidity and toughness of the bead plate, make the bead disk rotation more flexible and easy, and greatly improve the force performance.

3.High-elastic rubber core wheel made of high-quality natural rubber with good toughness and wear resistance.

4.High-tech polyurethane-coated iron core wheel with anti-fouling, oil-proof, wear-resistant and high load-bearing characteristics.

Anti-winding performance of shock absorber casters:

The wheel is sealed and anti-wound. The bead plate adopts a sealing ring, which has good dustproof and anti-winding properties, which is suitable for different environment choices and requirements.

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Shock Absorber Caster

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