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How many types of caster wheels?

Sep 07, 2017

Industrial casters can be supplied with various different fixing brackets. Typically these include:

stem swivel caster

1. Fixed Casters – a wheel that can move only in one plane of direction. Typically is mounted to the equipment using 4 bolt holes. Ideal for fitting to flat surfaces.

2. Top Plate Swivel Casters – a bracket with 4 bolt holes for mounting to the equipment. The bracket has a ball bearing swivel mechanism to allow a full 360 degrees of rotation / movement. Ideal for fitting to flat surfaces.

3. Bolt Hole Swivel Casters – a bracket with a single bolt hole, allowing the castor wheel to be fitted with a single bolt. Also has a ball bearing swivel mechanism for 360 degrees movement. Ideal for fitting into tubes & box sections and blind threaded holes.

4. Single Stud Casters – Identical to the Bolt Hole Caster but with the Bolt pre-fabricated to the castor. Ideal for fixing to threaded inserts and tubes and box sections

5. Stem Casters – Similar to the Single Stud Castor, but has a plain shaft/stem that is pressed into a mating connector to fix to the equipment.

6. Expanding Insert Casters – This is an adaptation of the Bolt Hole Castor. As the Bolt is passed through the hole it passed through a plastic inserts that expands. The inserts is placed inside either a round or square box section, when the insert expands locks the castors onto the equipment.

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